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Madrid guide: Museo Naval


Since my childhood, I have always dreamed about traveling in the time. If I had a chance, I wouldn't hesitate any moment and I'd go back directly to the 18th century. Crossing the vast oceans,looking over never ending and dazzling waters,reaching completely new continents. For a dreamer and globe-trotter like me it is the kind of perfect wish.
Luckily we don't have to invent a time machine immediately-entering in Museo Naval and exploring every room of it I felt as if I have left the 21st century and stepped in completely different one. 
The Naval Museums grand collections would enrich every visitor's impression of life at sea. One of its outstanding pieces is 'Universal chart by Juan de la Cosa, 1500'.This is the oldest existing cartographic item that maps the American continent and includes the geographical discoveries that took place between 1492 and 1500. Impressive,isn't it?
If you had a chance,which century and country would you choose?


On the rooftop


There is something magical about being on the rooftop, feeling the wind, seeing the sunset and overlooking the city. In that exact moment you realize the great beauty of life.
Together with my sister we discovered Círculo de Bellas Artes rooftop. The view, atmosphere and weather were just perfect. What could be better than seeing Gran Vía, Parque del Retiro, barrio de Salamanca, all Madrid from different perspective?

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Small streets


No matter which city it is, it is always only for the best to change the everyday route and see your town in a different light.
After going to Mercado de San Miguel and buying a delicious raspberry macaron and refreshing mango smoothie, I tried new streets in Sol quartier. For me it was a real discovery. Small streets, extraordinary façades and gardens revealed another face of Madrid.
I wish you all a great Friday! :) After all changing a route is worth a try, isn't it?

Caixa Forum

Museum night 2015


On 16th of May I participated in 'Museum night 2015'. Being able to see museums in a late evening was a perfect way how to spend this weekend.
'Animals and Pharaohs-the animal kingdom in Ancient Egypt'. It really is a great exposition directly from Musée du Louvre.Walking through every room in Caixa Forum, I learned interesting facts about Ancient Egypt.
'Goya en Madrid' at Museo del Prado was a real masterpiece. Francisco de Goya undoubtedly is one of the greatest Spanish painters of all time.  Seeing his and other brilliant painter works was definitely worth waiting the long, long queue.


Small things that matter:Friday favorites


Evening walk in the beautiful Parque del Retiro,orange tulips and oh,so delicious cakes as well as finding some free time to sketch were the small things that made this Friday a good one.I wish you to enjoy this weekend! :)

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Various shades of green


El Escorial
Day after day nature gets more beautiful and summer is approaching. Now shades of green are visible everywhere, starting with El Escorial city and ending with streets and parks of Madrid. In other words- green is the it color. Enjoy this magical moment no matter where you are! ;)

Parque del Retiro

Sabatini gardens and Palacio Real

Caixa Forum


´´La Traviata´´ and ´´Yves Saint Laurent´´


On Friday evening I went to L´Institut Français de Madrid to see retransmission of Giuseppe´s Verdi brilliant opera ´´La Traviata´´ directly from el Teatro Real ( Royal Opera). It is really hard to express my feelings into words, I think ´´La Traviata´´ is a masterpiece, a true gem which everyone should see to understand better the influence of society in our lives.
The next day I participated in Documenta Madrid 2015 film festvial. Among many great documentary films, I chosed the one about legendary fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent. It was a fantastic way to explore Yve´s character and his immense talent. Yves Saint Laurent famous clothes, Parisian interiors and the great French actors made this film special.
Yves Saint Laurent sans doute était le Roi de haute couture que je n'oublierai jamais.
Yves Saint Laurent undoubtedly was the king of haute couture who I won´t forget.
Bisous et bon week-end!



botanical garden

Flower power


This weekend I was pretty excited for a three relaxing free days-it was a perfect time to visit Real Jardín Botaníco (Royal Botanical Garden). I enjoyed the most of the beautiful weather and these lovely flowers. Hope that you will like the photos and I wish you all a great Tuesday! ;)