Dreamy colors


I just adore the sunsets.Every time when the sky changes colours it becomes like a painting made of different brushes and techniques. I could not resist and went to capture this dreamy atmosphere.Hope you like it! 


Rainy days


Rainy and grey days are not my favorite ones. Somehow Spain, Madrid exactly has spoiled me with this incredible amount of sun. Yes, after having spent a year in the warmth and plenty of sunshine I feel lack of it. Despite the crazy weather, I try to remain optimistic, to keep on smiling and keep on doing what I love. Let`s enjoy this autumn by givin a try to new cakes, outfits and just being happy!

Turtle and me in Jurmala, right next to the Baltic Sea


Priez pour Paris


Il n'y a pas de mots pour décrire ce que je ressens. Le 13 novembre, ce qui s'est passé, c'est un cauchemar éveillé, une nuit d'horreur. Je suis choquée et je n'arrive pas à comprendre pourquoi le monde a tellement changé, la raison pour laquelle des personnes innocentes sont devenues des victimes. Toutes mes condeléances aux Français depuis la Lettonie. J'espère que vous, mes amis que j'ai rencontrés travaillant à Disneyland Paris, vous, les parisiens, vous tous êtes sain et sauf. Courage, la France! #prayforparis #prayfortheworld #noussommesunis

I have no words to describe my feelings right now. Everything that has happened, it is a horrible nightmare. I am shocked by this tragedy and I cannot truly comprehend why the world has terribly changed, the reason why innocent people became victims.  All my condelences to the French nation from Latvia.  I hope that you, my amazing friends whom I had a chance to meet this summer while working at Disneyland Paris, you, Parisians, you are all safe and sound.


Weekend in Pärnu


Hi dear readers! How was your weekend? I had a great time in Pärnu, Estonia. It is a sea resort called "summer`s capital" by Estonians themselves. Well, I enjoyed the most of the sun while strollling on the beach right next to the Baltic Sea. However, the winter is slowly but surely coming and the best way to escape the cold was... trying Italian restaurant in the old city. Not to mention, Italian cuisine is my favorite one and that was the perfect way how to end this trip. Hope you like it and lots of love! 


Small things that matter


There's nothing better than sketching on a Friday evening (I love watercoloring), re-reading and leafing trough Vogue Paris magazine archives and trying way too much macarons, I admit. What are Friday evenings for right? Wish you an awesome week-end!
Zane x