Merry and joyful Christmas


Wishing to all of you wonderful Christmas Eve and Happy Holidays indeed! I hope it is fulfilled with spending time with your loved ones and family,cherishing this special moment and making unforgettable memories! In my case, I could not be happier for returning to Madrid and reuniting with my sister during holidays! We went to the mountains for a little hike and visited Barrio Salamanca in Madrid afterwards.

 Merry Christmas!💗


Christmas reception


The picture in this post was taken last week when my law school organised Christmas reception à l'anglaise. This event was a wonderful opportunity to step into Christmas spirit, dance all night long and pick one of my favorite dresses from the wardrobe. It also marks the start of the most wonderful time of the year.
Are you ready for the holiday season? Have you picked your dream outfits for Christmas and New Year's Eve? xx, Zane


Winter wonderland


These past weeks (months actually) have involved a lot of studying and repetition for upcoming exams so escaping to nature and enjoying the most of the beautiful weather was crucial for me. This trip to Kemeri National Park's swamp felt like stepping into winter wonderland. Although in that moment it was more than -7 degrees cold, snowy landscape and December sun made it a pure magic. ☃

 "I read somewhere.. how important it is in life, not necessarily to be strong, but to feel strong." (Into the Wild)


Christmas vibes


How is your weekend going so far? Lately, I have been really busy with the law school... I guess it is easy to tell by fewer and fewer posts I have shared here. Nevertheless, December, this magnificent time, has started and I hope it is not too early for Christmas themed pictures from the Old Town. Snowy weather, hot-chocolate, lights and beautiful decorations- it all inspired me to go out for a walk and explore the Christmas market at the heart of the old city. ☃ 

                                          Hope you liked these photos! xx, Zane