´´La Traviata´´ and ´´Yves Saint Laurent´´


On Friday evening I went to L´Institut Français de Madrid to see retransmission of Giuseppe´s Verdi brilliant opera ´´La Traviata´´ directly from el Teatro Real ( Royal Opera). It is really hard to express my feelings into words, I think ´´La Traviata´´ is a masterpiece, a true gem which everyone should see to understand better the influence of society in our lives.
The next day I participated in Documenta Madrid 2015 film festvial. Among many great documentary films, I chosed the one about legendary fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent. It was a fantastic way to explore Yve´s character and his immense talent. Yves Saint Laurent famous clothes, Parisian interiors and the great French actors made this film special.
Yves Saint Laurent sans doute était le Roi de haute couture que je n'oublierai jamais.
Yves Saint Laurent undoubtedly was the king of haute couture who I won´t forget.
Bisous et bon week-end!



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