Small things that matter:shopping for the flat


I feel so sorry for not posting nothing at all this weekend. I had to manage a lot and I had to do plenty of things (paperwork and tidying mostly,haha).It was basically staying and organizing every corner in the apartment while it was pouring and grey outside.
But I also went shopping. This time I bought many things for madrileño apartment and something for my Riga house too.Les maisons du monde,IKEA and other great stores was such a great and inspirational ending for the last week. Now the most interesting part-decorating the house with these new buys. Lovely Monday to everyone!
P.S. I  can't wait to have a freshly decorated apartment ;)


Chestnut trees


Call it magic,call it true. Pretty chestnut trees play an important part in Parque del Retiro landscape.Enjoy it!I wish you a great Wednesday,my dear readers!


Bright colours


Recently I realised that Spain has influenced me.Maybe because of the bright sun and beautiful Madrid,I try to wear colorful outfits as much as possible.Red sweater,green jeans and my new silver sneakers was the combination for visiting city centre,Tomy Mel's restaurant and doing some grocery shopping. I wish you a good Sunday!

Gran Vía

Oh,sunny day


Finally the rainy days are over and the sunny Madrid that I'm used to has returned. This weekend I explore the city starting with Plaza Mayor and ending with Gran Vía. I hope that you will like these photos and I wish you all a great weekend.

botanical garden

Be happy


Spring inspires me. When breathtakingly beautiful flowers as I saw in Real Jardín Botaníco (Royal Botanical Garden) are all around you, there are no more excuses not to be joyful.You can be happy right at the moment wandering trough the garden. Sun shines brightly and spring is here. What could I ask for more?


Trip to Aranjuez


Easter Holidays have started and it means that there is more free time to travel,to do new things and to meet your best friends. I visited Aranjuez, small city near Madrid which is famous for Palacio Real (Royal Palace). It was such a sunny day and I enjoyed Aranjuez very much.
Happy Holidays!I hope that you have a great plans for upcoming Easter weekend :)