Audrey Hepburn

Paris, mon amour (part 1)


As Audrey Hepburn has said in the wonderful film ' Sabrina' that Paris is always a good idea, I show you some shots to prove it. Blue skies, some of my favorite places as Notre-Dame,Tour  Eiffel and Pont Alexandre made it a perfect stay in the city of light.


Vive la France (part 2)


Meilleures salutations depuis la ville d'Avignon. Palais des Papes, des champs de lavande,pont de St-Bénezet et des petites rues rendent Avignon historique incontournable. Maintenant je continue à découvrir tout que la France entière offre. La prochaine destination?

The best regards from simply magnificent Avignon. Papal palace, lavender fields, St-Bénezet bridge and the ancient cobbled streets make the historical Avignon a must-see city. Now I am continuing to discover everything of what entire France offers to visitors. The next destination?

Palais des Papes


Vive la France (part 1)


Salut à tous!Voici je vous montre quelques photos de la magnifique cité de Carcassone et du pont du Gard énorme. Le sud de France est incroyablement beau! Bon samedi!

Hi everyone! Right now here are some photos of the wonderful citadel of Carcassone and the huge bridge of Gard. Southern France truly is indescribably beautiful!Have a great Saturday!


Andorra la Vella


This is it.My amazing year abroad (exactly in Madrid as you well know) has ended.Now I am going to enjoy the most of the summer and travel as much as possible. Kisses from Andorra!
I have a bitersweet feeling about leaving Spain since my adventures have ended here. But I am sure that there is a lot to come and many great posts you will read and see. Lots of love and stay tuned for 
an interesting summer in my blog!