New ice skates


I am very happy about my brand new edea overture ice skates. Today I tried them on and it was a brilliant time spent on the ice. Wish you a good weekend!

funny fact

My celebrity twin


I believe that for everyone there is some look a like. When I was exploring my childhood photo albums, I found this one. In some way there is a tiny bit of resemblance with Scarlett Johansson, isn`t it? Similar haircut, blue eyes and blonde hair. Good evening to everyone and I wish that you also try to search your celebrity twin ;)


Weekend on the ice


As the title reveals it, I went ice-skating this weekend. It is one of my favorite winter sports. When I was little, I was a figure skater too. So I try to go ice-skating as much as possible in order not to loose my skills, to meet my friends and simply to have fun. I can`t wait to return to the skating rink ;)  

city guide

Madrid guide: Espacio Fundación Telefónica


Recently I visited Espacio Fundación Telefónica  and I enjoyed it very much. Located in the heart of Madrid (Gran Vía), it is a place worth seeing. Building is modern and exhibitions are thought-provoking. I  especially loved Instagramers gallery and the story about genius Nikola Tesla. 


Dance inspiration


 They call it dancing. We call it living...
Dancing is one of the greatest feelings in the world. At least, it is for me. 
Now I have got sick and I can`t wait to get well. Happy weekend and of course Valentine's Day.

city guide

Madrid guide: Mercado de San Miguel


Mercado de San Miguel is a great place to shop.  It is one of Madrid’s oldest and most beautiful markets. You can order typical Spanish tapas or discover fresh fruits, delicious macarons and smoothies. It is definitely a great place where to enjoy a Sunday morning. I promise you these strawberries that I bought were one of the best ones that I have ever tasted. Despite the fact that it is an extremely cold February outside, you can buy excellent oranges, cherries or pineapples. I highly recommend this market if you happen to visit Madrid. 







Nike studio wrap



Just a while ago I was searching for a new sportswear. Then I found Nike studio wrap shoes which are the perfect ones for yoga, dance or ballet workout. I ordered them in yellow color. They are really stylish and comfortable. Now it is the time to keep on doing my New Year resolutions using Nike studio wrap :)

Chiara Ferragni

Rainy days


It has been raining a lot these past few days. The best thing to do in this situation definitely is reading as much as possible. In my case, I catched up with some reading- L'officiel Paris, ELLE, Grazia, Glamour and Vanidad. The best article was interview in Vanidad with my favorite fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni.