The 2015


It's been an absolutely wonderful year. These photos make me think about events that occured and the great memories that I made. I'm grateful for all the opportunities such as working at Disneyland Paris where I met amazing people from all around the world, as well as passing French exam (DELF B2). Travels in Spain (Sevilla, Cordoba), Andora la Vella and France (Carcassone, Avignon, Paris) were such an inspiration. While writing this I'm pretty sure that 2016 has something good in store for everyone. I hope that next year will bring just as much happiness and exictement as this one did. So cheers to a new year my dear followers and another chance for us to make our dreams come true!

Get ready to new adventures and stories on La vie est un bon voyage! 🌠

With French diploma in my hands.

“Tomorrow, is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.”

funny fact

Passion for ice-skating


Winter is finally here and it is the perfect time for taking your pair of ice-skates, stepping on the ice and enjoying this beautiful sport. It was great to spend some quality time with my sister and doing some two-foot spins and other figure-skating elements which I still remember form my childhood days when I practised this winter sport. Do you like ice skating? 


Happy Holidays!


Hot chocolate, lots of singing and dancing around the Christmas tree, sparkling eyes and smiles on everyone`s faces- that was my yesterday`s Christmas Eve.  It was such a wonderful celebration since my sister came home for holidays from France . I missed her so much.
I hope you all had a Merry Christmas! I wish you to enjoy the most of the coming holidays! Lots of love !xx Zane


Art lover


This week I visited the open door days of the Latvian National Museum of Art.  I had an amazing chance to take a glimpse of the vast and posh rooms after the works of reconstruction. The past meets the contemporary art and creates a marvelous place for every art lover as me. I cannot wait the 4th May to return to the museum when every painting will be in its place and the reconstruction will be completely done.

Tea+caffe latte+tasty muffin+meeting my best friends=perfect ending of the evening 

Baltic Sea

Time for yoga


December is already here. I can't believe how rapidly this year has passed by. However, there are still no signs of winter here in Latvia. In some way, lack of snow and warmer temperatures have its advantages. For me,it is the possibility of taking long walks by the Baltic Sea as well as practicing yoga. During these past weeks fulfilled with final tests, yoga has helped me a lot. 
For everyone out there,remember that all the effort you are making now will pay off in the end.👌 
I wish you good luck.
Have a great weekend!