Moot Court experience


Almost two months have passed since participation in my first international Moot Court- CEEMC. I know, it is already July but I still would like to publish this law school life's related post. Better late than never, right?

It is hard to find words to describe how magical this time was. I think the feeling of gratitude, joy and relief after pleading the case before three judges of CJEU is quite visible in this photo of our team (besides of it being a little bit blurry).

#Repeating, repeating and repeating the speech for the 100th time

We were incredibly lucky as the venue for the moot court was the Supreme Court of Cassation. This building, the highest judicial instance in Bulgaria, was so beautiful. Full of history, detailed ornaments and fascinating architecture.

After the pleadings it was time to explore Bulgaria's capital city- Sofia. It was so different from cities I have visited before but I enjoyed it very much.

With new friends, team from Ukraine in front of the Supreme Court
Overall, it was not only about improving legal knowledge, public speaking skills, working in a team for a common goal or getting the feeling how it is to be a lawyer while defending the case in front of judges. This experience showed that hard work pays off in the end and it was so interesting to find like-minded people, determined future lawyers from all over the Europe. Hope you enjoyed this post and I wish you a wonderful summer!