Postcards from Vilnius (part I)


I spent the last weekend in Vilnius, exploring the old city,pretty quartiers,cafés and monuments. It was a spontaneous idea to go on this trip but I enjoyed every second of the unplanned getaway. Sometimes it is for the best not to plan everything, isn't it?

Beautiful view of city from the Gediminas tower

Weather was simply perfect so I could catch the last bits of summer. As the title reveals, I will share a little bit more photos of the capital city of Lithuania later on.

This trip marks the ending of summer days as tomorow I have an Opening Day at the law school (Riga Graduate School of Law to be precise). Dog days are over, I guess ;)
Hope you will like the photos!


Month of ballet


The moment when I discovered that August has become the new month of ballet at the Latvian National Opera I could not be more happier about it. Dancing is one of my biggest passions and I have always been fond of seeing the amazing performances at the opera house, especially the graceful ballet. 
We decided to go to the contemporary ballet "Bolero" with my family which I saw it for another time (it was still so impressive). Here is the previous post Evening at the opera 
Hope you will like the photos! Have a great weekend!    

I was wearing:
Jacket- Mango
Dress- ZARA
Shoes- ZARA
Necklace- Cortefiel 


Exploring places


Being a tourist in your own city.

Taking freshly baked pistachio macarons at local French bakery and going to explore places afterwards. That was my plan for one August evening. I had a really good time walking in my neighbourhood, changing daily routine and taking new streets instead of the ones I am used to. 

Did you watch the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games? (I did and I was amazed by the beautiful Gisele's catwalk) Have a great Sunday! Lots of love, Zane 

Baltic Sea

August is here


Hello August! It is hard to believe that you are already here. In the summer time passes way much faster, don't you think? I decided to go for a walk in one of my favourite places- the eastern breakwater of Riga. Not only sky was coloured in beautiful candy-cotton and pastel tones, but also swans were waiting there for me. It was a surreal feeling as the scenery was as magical as in Swan Lake. 

When the lighthouse was reached, it was already getting dark. I am so happy that I got there in time to catch the sunset. Do you like watching sunsets as much as I do? Lots of love, Zane