Baltic Sea

Country living


"Happiness can be found in the smallest of things."

No matter how much I love big cities, exploring new places and meeting my friends in cozy cafes, there is always something magical about returning to the countryside. Especially in the summer which offers us endless possibilties to enjoy the most of the nature. Quick swims in the Baltic Sea (which can be so cold), sunbathing, long walks in the warm sands at the beach, some yoga... the list goes on and on. That was my last weekend like and I enjoyed it very much. 
Do you like country living? I wish you a happy Friday and a great weekend! xx, Zane

Somewhere in the wheat field

Blueberries from the forest
...and garden raspberries (just like Amelie Poulain) 


Bright colours


Happy Sunday! In this post I wanted to feature some of this summer's unpublished photos. When the heatwave arrived in the capital city the perfect outfit for dealing with it was light clothes in bright colours. Now I am a little bit missing these days as the usual Latvian green summer has returned. My only hope- August when my sister is going to return from her internship in Madrid and she could take the heat home. 
How is your summer going so far? xx, Zane

Jumping for joy after tasting raspberry gelato :)

Outfit details:
Shirt- GAP
Necklace- ZARA
Jeans- ZARA
Shoes- NIKE


Around the old town


It was a hot day in the Old Riga. Perfect one for trying on a completely new jumpsuit and spending a lot of time in the old town. The sun was shining, cobbled streets full of foodie stops, boutiques and pretty flower bouquets... summer at its finest. What else I could ask for? xx, Zane

Outfit details:
Jumpsuit- Mango
Shoes- ZARA
Earrings- Vintage


Summer in the city


Those warm and sunny days have came. So why not to take a walk in the city center and enjoy the summertime? Galleria Riga has a great rooftop with a splendid view to the Latvian capital. Before overlooking Riga from different perspective I tasted a delicious cappuccino and almond-chocolate biscuit in one of my favourite cafes- Al Cappuccino (paradise for cappuccino lovers in Art Nouveau district). I guess it is for good to become a tourist in your own city once in a while, isn`t it? 
Have a great Sunday! xx, Zane

Galleria Riga

At Al Cappucinno
Outfit details:
Jumpsuit- Mango
Shoes- Tommy Hilfiger
Bag- Mango
Sunglasses- American Eagle Outfitters

Baltic Sea

Chasing sunsets


My favorite time in the day (especially during the summertime) is chasing sunset. In this post I am enjoying the perfect moment by the seaside. Some contemporary dance moves in the tiny evening waves and the magic light make me feel happy every time. Dream, explore, discover and dance as summer now is at its best.

Lots of love, Zane

Baltic Sea

Sunny weekend


Here comes the sun... It is the perfect time to enjoy the beautiful Estonian seaside in Parnu. Strolling around the city, beach and trying way to delicous Italian lasagna made this trip a good one.What are your plans for the weekend?

Baltic Sea

My favourite Italian restaurant

I was wearing:
Denim top,jacket and jeans- ZARA
Red bag and scarf- Mango
Red sweater- Tommy Hilfiger

Lots of love,
xx Zane


4th of July


Happy 4th of July! It is not only a great celebration of Independance Day, but also my birthday across the Atlantic, here in Latvia. Today I explored the Rundāle Palace- one of the major baroque palaces created by Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli. It is sometimes called as the little Versailles by its resemblance and the French gardens. Thousands of roses where still blooming making a picturesque scenery for turning 19 years old. Thank you for the amazing birthday wishes- you are the best! :)

This time I was wearing:
Silver sneakers- Mango
Floral print trousers, white shirt, pink jacket- ZARA

What was your celebration like?

Lots of love,
xx Zane