First advent



It's the first advent. For me, it represents the closeness of joy, gifts, lights, lovely decorations and of course Christmas. It's the most beautiful time of the year and I want to enjoy every second of it!:)


Calm before the storm


There is always time for a cup of hot chocolate. Especially in rainy Madrid when the storm is passing over our heads. Now it is for sure- winter is coming. I can`t believe it is less than a month till Christmas. What a wonderful feeling!Have a good day.





I love going to the cinema and seeing the newest films.  To finish Sunday in a good way, I watched Interstellar. Film about a courageous team of explorers traveling in space and time to find a new planet and to save humanity. It is not only sci-fi or mystery film but also a very emotional story. It shows that sometimes it is necessary to leave your closest ones to become a real hero. Interstellar makes you cry. Much more than you thought before watching it. What's more, Matthew McConaughey who is my favorite actor , made this film worth watching. In this role he was brilliant. I highly recommend this film!


OneRepublic Native tour


Last night was magical. 
I had the chance to see my favorite group "OneRepublic".
It is impossible to describe all the great feelings and emotions.
I loved it so much!Can't wait to see and listen it one more time.



Latvia's birthday


Little things and moments that I thought weren't so important are the ones that matter the most of all.
As today is my home-country's Independence Day,I made a little celebration.
Traditional food,candles in the color of flag and a beautiful bracelet reminded me of home.
Happy birthday,Latvia!


Vespa day


As today is the last day for the contest of Vespa giveaway,I share you my photo.
If I win or not,the participation is the most important,I suppose.
Have a good week-end!:)


Passion for fashion


This was a lucky day for a fashionista like me. I got two great films-fashion's documentary from golden nighties till globalization and the true life beyond the famous Chanel sign. Can't wait to see them while enjoying delicious Starbucks cappuccino.What was your day like?:)


Movie time


What I love about autumn, that is the chance of watching movies. A lot of them. When it is dark and cold, you have plenty of excuses for rolling up in blanket,drinking hot chocolate and seeing a film.
Yesterday I discovered a great film "Léon: The professional". Jean Reno as Léon and only 13 years old Natalie Portman as Mathilda were amazingly good and powerful. It is a masterpiece and must see movie.I highly recommend it.  Now it is one of my favourite movie's. I hope that you will like it!:)


Still Saturday


Sometimes all you need is just café con leche and victory of your favorite team (mine is Real Madrid). Especially when it is raining outside,seeing so much goals (5-1) is a perfect way how to end the day. Which is your favorite team? Enjoy this weekend!:)
Parfois tout ce qu'on a besoin de,c'est un café au lait et la victoire de ton équipe favorie (la mienne, c'est Real Madrid). De plus,quand il pleut, voir plusieurs buts (5-1),c'est une façon parfaite comment finir la journée. Quelle est votre équipe favorie?Bon week-end!:)


Daily quote


What a great idea,isn't it?I completely agree to one of my favorite writer's-F.Scott Fitzgerald.
This is my motto for this exchange year. 
Quelle bonne idée,n'est-ce pas?Je suis complétement d'accord avec l'un de mes écrivains favoris-F.Scott Fitzgerald.
C'est ma devise pour cette année d'échange.


Red autumn


 One of the greatest pleasures is to find a background matching your outfit. When autumn is here and every day gets colder and darker, I think that we have to wear colourful and warm clothes. For me, red is always a good idea. Cheer up!Enjoy the best of this magical autumn.
Un de plus grands plaisirs,c`est quand ton oufit est pareil au paysage. Quand l`automne est ici et chaque jour devient de plus en plus froid et sombre, je crois qu`il faut qu`on mette des tenues chaudes et colorées. Pour moi, rouge est toujours une bonne idée. Courage!Profitez le plus de cet automne magique.

new life

Living abroad


                          “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.
                                              Life is not meant to be lived in one place.”

Exactly two months ago I arrived in Madrid. While living abroad, time flies so quickly. It teaches you many things. The beggining is not easy. Perhaps life abroad is not meant for everybody. It is the best experience you may ever have. Definitely, traveling to a different country, knowing a little bit of its language and customs, not knowing anyone, it may be scary but it is worth it.
That is a real adrenaline rush!