Dancing around


The end of February was basically spent by dancing and practicing. On the Friday evening I had an amazing chance to dance jive in my school's event. Here are some photos of rehearsal. Have a great evening! :)


Valentines Day


Happy Valentines Day everyone! Hope you are having a heartwarming and lovely day! I am still dreaming about this morning's breakfast- delicious home-made crêpes and fresh berries.
Lots of love, Zane xx

Baltic Sea

Friday mood


It`s finaaally Friday! After an extremely important week ( I had to present my scientific research paper in history of art about Spanish Empire`s golden age and the discovery of the Frigate Mercedes - a cultural treasure recovered), it is the time to enjoy the most of the weekend. A little walk by the Baltic Sea as well as delicious lemon and strawberry meringue pies made this Friday a good one. I wish you to spend an excellent weekend!

At café "De Gusto"


Imagine Dragons


Imagine Dragons, "Smoke and mirrors" tour was simply spectacular. I enjoyed every single minute of this show which took place in Riga at the weekend. It was a night to remember. How was your weekend?