Madrid guide: Museo Naval


Since my childhood, I have always dreamed about traveling in the time. If I had a chance, I wouldn't hesitate any moment and I'd go back directly to the 18th century. Crossing the vast oceans,looking over never ending and dazzling waters,reaching completely new continents. For a dreamer and globe-trotter like me it is the kind of perfect wish.
Luckily we don't have to invent a time machine immediately-entering in Museo Naval and exploring every room of it I felt as if I have left the 21st century and stepped in completely different one. 
The Naval Museums grand collections would enrich every visitor's impression of life at sea. One of its outstanding pieces is 'Universal chart by Juan de la Cosa, 1500'.This is the oldest existing cartographic item that maps the American continent and includes the geographical discoveries that took place between 1492 and 1500. Impressive,isn't it?
If you had a chance,which century and country would you choose?

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