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Desde Madrid con amor II


These are some of my favorite views in Madrid. The wonderful Gran Vía and its immense buildings like Espacio Fundación Telefónica every time makes me feel as being in completely different city. Madrid is versatile and for this reason it is always exciting to see it. I hope you will like these photos.

What would be traveling without shopping,right?
Cristal palace



Desde Madrid con amor


It is great to start the new year by traveling,isn't it? This time the destination is sunny Madrid-city which I call my second home (readers who follow La vie est un bon voyage from the beginning have seen much posts from the city where I have spent a year abroad). Therefore it is not only a trip but also a chance of seeing my favorite parts of Madrid as well as meeting again amazing people. Madrid for me is full of nostalgia and great memories. In this post you'll see plaza de Cibeles and Museo del Prado, one of my favorite places in Spain's capital.

From Madrid with love,
xx Zane

New Year

Snowy winter


This brand new year has started with many resolutions, plans, a little bit different haircut and lots of snow in my case. Winter has finally arrived and I couldn't be happier about it. I guess I'm a snow person since it gives such a magnificient atmosphere, smile on my face and the possibility of doing a snowball fight ;) Happy Friday and enjoy the most of this year!